Mark installed a retractable awning on my deck last summer. Beforehand I could only be outside after the sun went down. It was simply too hot and bright to enjoy being outside. The installation was quick and easy despite a curveball I threw in at the last minute. Not knowing my structure was masonry block underneath the siding Mark had to think quick on his feet. After ten minutes of problem solving he had figured out a way to mount the awning without purchasing the extra brackets the factory would have pushed on us. This was a superior solution that saved me money and really helped me appreciate an experienced installer.

Going with a local installer who really knows the trade and cares about his customers beats buying direct every time. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for retractable awnings or any of the products he provides. Now I can use my deck at all times during the day and even when it’s raining. I absolutely love the awning and the install looks gorgeous.

Thanks Mark!